CNC Plasma Cutting, Folding & Guillotining

Ten4 Design

A cost-effective way to custom manufacture parts and fittings

Following the recent purchase of a CNC Plasma Cutter we can now cut metal components in-house. Combined with our plate guillotining and folding services it's a fast, cost-effective way to custom manufacture parts and fittings.

The CNC Plasma Cutter is truly impressive! Using a combination of electrically charged compressed gases, it cuts through metal as thin as 1mm aluminium right up to materials as rugged as 25mm steel plate. Basically it can cut anything that conducts electricity.

The CNC Plasma Cutter is accurate to .05mm in most cases and because it's a fast, energy-efficient process there’s minimal warping - no matter how light the gauge of material is.

It's ideal for manufacturing short runs of custom designed or hard to source parts.

It cuts even the most complex designs within seconds which means it also cuts manufacturing costs. Plus it avoids the expensive delays that can occur when you have to import a part from overseas.

The applications are endless and include:

  • Transport engineering

  • Manufacturing tools & parts

  • Marine parts

  • Architectural applications

  • Industrial & decorative panelling

  • Ducting

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